Presently, the best introduction to interacting with the Atomist Bot is to watch this video.

The Atomist Bot can be used to search for Rugs.

To see the list of available generators to your team, ask the bot for them:

@atomist generators

This will return a truncated list of generators. You can refine your search by appending filter words to the command. For instance, to search for generators for Java and Spring:

@atomist generators java spring

Similarly, you can search for available editors using the editors command

@atomist editors

and refine the search by appending search terms.

@atomist editors python


The Atomist Bot can run generators for you, creating new projects for you in GitHub. To have the Atomist Bot create a project for you, you must first search for and find the generator you want to run. Once you have found the generator you want to run, click the “Generate project” button below the generator. The bot will start a thread discussion with you asking for this generator’s parameters until you complete the exchange. Once generated, the bot will inform you of the URL where to find your new project.