Setup TypeScript

Atomist Rugs are most often developed using TypeScript. To successfully complete the rest of the tutorials, you will need to have several TypeScript-related tools installed locally on your system.


You will need the Node.js package manager, npm, installed on your system to install the Rug TypeScript dependencies. The easiest way to install NPM is to install Node.js, whose installation includes NPM. There are links to install Node.js right on its home page. You can install either the LTS or Current version.


Once you have NPM installed, you should install TypeScript and TSLint with the following command.

$ npm install --global tslint typescript

The typescript package will install the TypeScript compiler and other tools. TSLint, like linting programs for other languages, provides and enforces a set of development best-practices to your Rugs.

For a smooth development experience, we recommend you use Visual Studio Code with the TSLint plugin.