Setup Rug CLI

This is the quick version of the Rug CLI setup on Mac OS X using Homebrew. If you use a different operating system or run into issues, please see the full Rug CLI installation documentation.

Install Rug CLI

$ brew tap atomist/tap
$ brew install rug-cli

Configure Rug CLI GitHub Access

Use the rug login command to set up your Rug CLI configuration for access to GitHub. Provide your login name and password when prompted.

$ rug login
Resolving dependencies for com.atomist:rug (0.26.1·jar) completed

The Rug CLI needs your GitHub login to identify you.

The command will create a GitHub Personal Access Token with scope 'read:org'
which you can revoke any time on  Your
password will not be displayed or stored.  Your sensitive information will not
be sent to Atomist; only to

  → Username : jrday
  → Password : **************

  Please provide a MFA code
  → MFA code : ******

Successfully logged in to GitHub and stored token in ~/.atomist/cli.yml

The Rug CLI will authenticate against GitHub and create a personal access token with “read:org” scope and store it so it can determine what GitHub orgs you are in when configuring your repositories (see below).

Do not enter a personal access token

GitHub requires that you authenticate with your password, not a personal access token, when creating a personal access token so be sure to provide your GitHub username and password.

If you have two-factor authentication configure on your GitHub account, you will be prompted for your second factor code as MFA code.

Atomist does not store your GitHub credentials

As the command output says, Atomist does not store your GitHub credentials. They are used to authenticate against the GiTHub API to create a properly scoped personal access token.

Configure Repositories

Run the rug configure repositories command so the Rug CLI can use your GitHub authentication to configure all of your private Rug archive repositories and enables them for publication with the publish command.

$ rug configure repositories
Resolving dependencies for com.atomist:rug (0.26.1·jar) completed
Configuring team-scoped repositories completed

→ Repositories
  t489lv5qf (sfz)

Successfully configured team-scoped repositories

Now, your local CLI is configured and ready to publish Rug projects.