Publish Rug Project

To make new or modified Rug scripts in your Rug project available in your team, you will need to publish the Rug project.


Completing the Getting Started Guide and the Rug CLI setup, Rug project creation, and TypeScript setup tutorials are prerequisites for this tutorial.

Install Dependencies

The Rug project contains NPM module dependencies that need to be installed before we publish. Run the following command from within your Rug project directory to install its dependencies.

$ ( cd .atomist && npm install )

Identify Slack Team ID

Since you may be in multiple Slack teams that have the Atomist Bot installed (for example, atomist-community public Slack team and your own Slack team), you will need to tell the Rug CLI which team to publish this Rug project to.

You can find the team ID from within your Slack team. Send this message in #general or any channel that the Atomist Bot has been invited to.

@atomist team
List of project generators

In this example, the Slack team ID is “T489LV5QF”.


Now that you know your Slack team ID, you can publish your Rug project archive. Pass the lower-cased version of your Slack team ID to the rug publish command like this.

$ rug publish --id=t489lv5qf
Resolving dependencies for atomist-contrib:atomist-tutorials (0.1.0·local) completed
Invoking compilers on project sources completed
Loading atomist-contrib:atomist-tutorials (0.1.0·local) completed
Generating archive metadata completed
Publishing archive into remote repository completed

→ Archive
  ~/github/jrday/atomist-tutorials/.atomist/target/ (360 kb in 338 files)


Successfully published archive for atomist-contrib:atomist-tutorials (0.1.0)

You have successfully published a Rug project archive!