Create Rug Project

We provide a generator that can be run from your Slack team to create a new Rug project using standard setup, sensible defaults, and starter Rugs.


Completing the Getting Started Guide is a prerequisite for this tutorial.

In #general or any channel in your Slack team that Atomist Bot has been invited to, type this message:

@atomist generators starter

The Bot will show generators with the tag starter like following.

New Rug Generator

Click on the “Generate project” button for the NewStarterRugProject generator.

The Atomist Bot will respond with a message telling you what project generator you created and then start a thread off that message to gather the information it needs to generate the project. Click now on the “1 reply” link below the message to open up the thread in Slack. You will see that the Atomist Bot has asked you a question in the thread.

Rug project creation thread with Atomist

Type in a name for your new project and press Enter. A new repository with this name will be created, so the project name must be a valid GitHub repository name.

Rug project parameters all set

Now click on “Generate project” and the Atomist Bot will create the project in a new GitHub repository, then confirm with a message similar to the following.

Rug project creation response from Atomist

You now have a starter Rug project to write new Rugs in. Click on the project link to see your project in GitHub.

We recommend you make a local clone of this new repository for use in other tutorials.