Travis CI

Travis CI integrates tightly with Atomist leverages the Travis CI/ integration to perform all operations it requires. In other words, once you have set up Travis CI with your GitHub account, you are ready to go; no additional authorization is required. If you have not yet setup Travis and want to as part of getting started with Atomist, please see the Travis getting started documentation.

Atomist works with and Travis Enterprise is not currently supported.

You will need to enable your projects to be built using Travis if they aren’t already set up. See the Travis documentation to set up Travis builds.

Next, configure all your Travis builds to send notifications to Atomist. In the .travis.yml configuration file in each project repository, add the following webhook configuration.

    on_success: always
    on_failure: always
    on_start: always
    on_cancel: always
    on_error: always

Once you commit and push those changes, Travis CI events will start flowing to Atomist. You should go to the getting started with the Atomist Bot page to see how build events are integrated into messages with the other events in your development flow.