Connect Atomist to Slack

Atomist integrates with Slack via the Atomist Bot, which provides a chat-based interface to Atomist’s capabilities.

To invite the Atomist Bot into your Slack team, click on the “Add to Slack” button below.

Clicking the button will send you to a web page where you will be asked to sign into your Slack team if you are not already signed in. Provide your Slack team domain and click Continue.

Slack Team Sign-in

On the next page, provide your email address and password to complete the Slack sign-in. If you have trouble signing in, check out Slack help.

Slack Sign In

After successfully signing in, you will see the authorization page for the Atomist app, including the Slack permissions requested. Confirm that the correct Slack team is selected and click “Authorize”.

Slack Authorization

For information on the permissions requested, see Slack Permissions.

Once you have successfully authorized the Atomist Bot in your Slack team, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. You can close this page and go back to Slack to continue this guide.


By default, the Atomist Bot will be named @atomist and will join the #general channel in your Slack team. You can invite the Atomist Bot into any other channel in the same way you would invite any other user: an @ mention and invite, the /invite @atomist command, or via the channel settings > “Invite team members to join …”.

Slack channel invite team members

This video provides a brief introduction to the Atomist Bot’s capabilities and how to interact with it.

For a complete list of the things the Atomist Bot can do, send the bot a help message.


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