To use Atomist, you’ll need:


Chat is one of the main interfaces for Atomist. Currently we support the Slack chat platform. You can use any Slack team you are currently a member of with Atomist. If you do not currently use Slack, don’t have permissions to add an app to your existing Slack team, or prefer to use a new Slack team with Atomist, you can create a new Slack team for free.


Atomist wants to get to know your code. Currently Atomist integrates with and GitHub Enterprise.

If you already have a account, you can use it with Atomist. You will need to be a member of one or more GitHub organizations where you have permission to authorize OAuth Apps. If you do not have a account, you can create a GitHub account for free. If you are not a member of a GitHub organization, you can create a public org for free.

If you use GitHub Enterprise, please get in touch directly with us.